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For our family, the best days have been spent vacationing on an apple orchard just outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

About Ferro Farms

While the landscape is picturesque and the weather is beautiful, it’s the attitude and atmosphere that turns this quaint vacation spot into a warm and fun-loving home away from home. It’s a place where it’s impossible not to smile — and that’s feeling that we wanted to bottle when we created Ferro Farms orchard in 2008.

Nestled in Kettle Moraine in southeast Wisconsin, Ferro Farms take advantage of the area’s rich glacial soil, which supports the growth of apple trees during the cold winters and temperate summers. The resulting harvest is full of smaller apples with a floral taste, creating a light-bodied cider with fruity sweetness and just a hint of tannins.

We are proudly a member of The United States Association of Cider Makers as well as the Wisconsin Area Growers Association.